Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered accountants' institutes require members to undertake a minimum level of continuing professional development to stay professionally competitive. They facilitate special interest groups (for instance, entertainment and media, or insolvency and restructuring) which lead in their fields. They provide support to members by offering advisory services, technical helplines and technical libraries. They also offer opportunities for professional networking, career and business development.
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What is C.A. ( Chartered Accountant ) ?
A Chartered Accountant is a person who is specialized in Auditing, Taxation And Accounting. Chartered Accountant can work for a Company/Bank or other organisations or Practice on his own. For pursuing this course student should pass Higher Secondary Examination ( HSC ). Any student who has passed SSC exam can register for this course.

Stages In C.A

  • CPT
  • IPCC


Who can give CPT Exam & How can CPT Registration be done ?
  • Any student who has Appeared / Passed HSC exam can give CPT
  • Registration can be done through out the year but there are cut off dates are as follow
  • 1) 31st March for June Exam
    2) Before 30thSeptember for December Exam
How to register for C.A. course ?
  • Registration for the C.A. course can be done online on –
  • Documents required are SSC mark sheet and school Leaving Certificate / Birth reg. certificate.
  • Payment of Rs. 6100 /-to be done
  • After filling the online form the copy of the same has to be submitted to the C.A. Institute office at BKC.

Subject for CPT

Paper I

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Mercantile Law

Subject for CPT

Paper II

  • General Economics
  • Quantitative Aptitude

Subject wise marks

  • There are 4 Subjects
  • Accounts –60 Marks
  • Law –40 Marks
  • Quantitative Aptitude –50 Marks
  • Economics -50 Marks

Type of exam

  • CPT Exam is on MCQ basis i.e there will be 4 options given for each question
  • There will be 200 Questions of 1 mark each.
  • Correct answer gets 1 mark
  • Wrong answer gets -0.25 marks.
  • No marks If the question is not answered

Examples OF MCQ Question

Paper I

  • Journal has _________ columns
    a) 4 b) 5 c) 6 d) none of the above
  • In order to prepare Final Accounts we require:
    a)Adjustments b) Trial Balance c) both a & b d) None
  • Rectification of Errors is done in:
    a) Cash Book b) Purchase Book c) Sales Book d) Journal proper

Passing Criteria For CPT

  • Passing is 30% for Individual subjects and Aggregate is 50 %
  • Accounts –Min. –18 marks
  • Law –Min. –12 marks
  • Quantitative Aptitude –Min. -15 marks
  • Economics –Min. -15 marks
  • The total ofall subjects should be Minimum 100 marks

When is CPT exam held ?

  • CPT exams are held twice in a year in June and December.
  • Exam Forms have to be filled in April and October respectively

CPT Results

  • CPT Results are declared online within one month of the exam i.e
  • June Results in July and
  • Law –40 Marks
  • December Results in Jan..

Exam Path Of CPT Student

  • SYJC –Feb. 2017.
  • CPT –June 2017
  • F.Y.Bcom–March 2018
  • I.P.C.C. –May 2018
  • S.Y.Bcom –March 2019
  • T.Y.Bcom –March 2020
  • C.A.Final –May 2021


Who can give IPCC exam ?
  • Any student who has passed CPT / TY BCom exam can give IPCC
How can IPCC registration be done ?
  • Registration can be done after CPT result upto 25th Aug. for may attempt & upto 31st jan for nov. attempt


What after IPCC exam?
What is an ARTICLESHIP ?
  • Practical Training
  • Under practicing C.A. & Exposure to Actual Work

Final C.A.

  • After completion of IPCC ( Group I & II )
  • End Of Articleship
C.A Exams
  • CPT June & December
  • IPCC May & November
  • FINAL May & November


For C.A Registration

    • The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India

    • ICAI Tower, Plot no. C - 40 , G-Block , Bandra-Kurla Complex , Bandra ( East ) , MUMBAI - 51